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Join Our Project

We welcome new participants to JOIN the GREATHOUSE Surname Y-DNA Project.

Who is eligible to participate in our Y-DNA Project?

If you are a male Greathouse with continuous Male Greathouse lineage from your most distant ancestor, then a Y-DNA test could help establish your heritage. There is a current project with 36 men who have already participated. See results for current Greathouse Y-DNA Testing. These are grouped as participants believed their ancestors to be, but also with participants matching their various markers. The more matches shared between participants, the more likely those participants shared a recent common ancestor.

If you are interested in testing, good results can be obtained with a 37 marker test, but less expensive tests can be ordered for 12 or 25 markers, or more expensive testing for 67 or 111 markers. For more details see: Price for Y-DNA Tests.

If you are a female Greathouse, then encourage your Male Greathouse brothers, father or uncles to do a Y-DNA test and join our project.

New participants may join our project by using Family Tree DNA as their Y-DNA testing provider.

Please join our GREATHOUSE Surname Y-DNA Project by selecting the Family Tree DNA banner below:

Join Greathouse DNA project at Family Tree DNA!

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How to Join Our Project

  1. Simply use the button above for Family Tree DNA.
  2. Order the Male Line Testing for Y-DNA37 or Y-DNA67.
  3. Your request to join our Y-DNA project will be passed on to our Project Administrator.
  4. Or, you may email questions or submit a request to join our project directly to our Project Administrator.

How can I participate in other ways?

You can contribute financially to the Y-DNA Project. All funds contributed will be used solely to pay for the testing of individuals that would like to participate in the project, but for whom the financial burden is significant. Family Tree DNA, offer a program fund to accept financial contributions for testing via the donation buttons below.

Contribute to our:

Family Tree DNA Project

Donate to our FTDNA project with credit card

Donate to our FTDNA project with PayPal

What can I expect after I join?

  1. The Project Administrator will send a welcome message, ask for your Greathouse ancestry, and answer your questions.
  2. You will be sent a sample kit from the testing provider, Family Tree DNA.
  3. Take the sample - a simple swab to the inside of the cheek - and return it by mail to Family Tree DNA.
  4. Family Tree DNA will analyze your Y-DNA sample and send an invoice. The invoice can be paid over a secure internet connection.
  5. Your results will be made available to you and the Project Administrator on the testing providers website you have chosen, and sent to you in the mail.
  6. Your results will be included anonymously with your family group, and you will be able to see how your results compare with others in your family line.
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